Die britische Rockband live im Z7!

The Darkness gehen im Ende Jahr wieder auf Europa Tour und machen am Montag, 20. November 2017 auch Halt in der Konzertfabrik Z7 in Pratteln!

Die Shows der Glam Rocker sind immer ein Livespektakel und auch diesesmal darf viel erwartet werden, so Justin Hawkins: „The Darkness is proud to return once again to the stages of our sceptered isle. We are here to confirm our reputation as the mightiest live band treading the boards in this saccharine age of music made by computers, millionaires and halfwits. Sometimes by all three! We will once again be showcasing our trademark mix of relentless rifferama, effortless haute couture, ridiculously loud noises and bright things that flash on and off.

As any fool will tell you, a Darkness show is a place where believers come together, where fluids are shared, and dreams are built. But most importantly, where rock and roll is crowned king EVERY NIGHT! 

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have made a frankly stunning fifth album that will be unleashed on the world in September of this year by the lovely Cooking Vinyl people. Good times… so come one, come all!!”

See you there, folks!


In Zusammenarbeit mit: Z7, Pratteln

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